4800106 ARTISAN BÛCHETTE RED PEPPER, baba ganoush - spinach falafel - labneh

ARTISAN BÛCHETTE RED PEPPER with (spinach) falafel and baba ganoush, pickled radish, courgette, and labneh.


  • Baba ganoush
  • Falafel (vegan)
  • Radish, sliced
  • Courgettes, cut into julienne
  • Labneh (or Greek yoghurt)
  • Decoration: sumac herbs


  1. Pickle the sliced radish and courgette in white wine vinegar.
  2. Compose the sandwich starting with a layer of baba ganoush and top with halved falafel balls.
  3. Top with a layer of pickled vegetables.
  4. Finish with a few dots of labneh.
  5. Decoration: sprinkle some sumac herbs on the labneh
  6. Close the sandwich and press a little.