About Panesco - explorers

We are panesco.

We are explorers.

We are here to help you out.

We travel the world, sourcing bread and bakery products with extraordinary stories.

For rich and surprising palettes of scents and flavours. For remarkable ingredients

that make the taste buds travel. And for the unique craft that goes into making them.

We want to bring all of that to your kitchen.

We are here to fuel your creativity.

Together, we keep exploring.

Visionary mindset

We surprise and delight with exciting innovations that match your needs today and the trends of tomorrow.


Together with our network of forward looking chefs and F&B professionals, we bring inspiration and new ideas to your kitchen.

Open & sharing

We are open to discover new experiences. And we share the stories, the inspiration and ideas to feed your hunger to differentiate and create.

About Panesco - sensory exploration