Sometimes, a day can be given a touch of magic with a small treat, a little unexpected ‘me time’, or a few moments spent in pleasant company. Helping to make those moments – or even helping to make them happen – is what you are all about! At PANESCO we are there to help you achieve this. We provide the right products so that you can offer your customers that little, unexpected, unique something extra, in the form of a sweet or savoury pick-me-up during the day. As a treat upon arrival or to say goodbye and thank you. Or when your guests want to treat themselves to a nice dessert.


Our three fixed meals a day are increasingly being replaced by smaller, more frequent meals, whenever and wherever they fit into our busy day. There is a demand for tasty, ready-to-eat snacks all day long. That is precisely why PANESCO has developed a unique range of high-quality snacks, made from the best ingredients and according to the most amazing recipes. At the same time, we offer you a high level of convenience. Simply pop them in the oven and they are ready to eat!

Conquer your guests’ hearts with our tasty and trendy snacks!